Car body painting is a solution for those who want to upgrade their car

Car body painting is useful when you want to refurbishing your car or after a car accident. Although sometimes people decide to do it by themselves, it requires a lot of time and effort – it is not enough to cover your car with paint. So let’s take a look at how this process works – maybe it will make it easier to decide if it is worthwhile to paint the car yourself.

The stages of car body painting

  • First of all, you should make sure that your car has no dents or other defects that need to be fixed. If a car has been involved in a car accident, you will need to restore the geometry of the car, only then you can move on to the next step
  • If only certain parts of the car are to be painted, but not the whole car, it is important to cover the irrelevant parts of the car;
  • Whether you are covering up the scratches or repainting the entire body of your car, you’ll need to remove the paint until you reach a glossy metal surface, because only this way you can expect the best results;
  • If you notice rust in the area you have cleaned, you will need to use special products to remove it;
  • The next step is the coating of the car. Make sure you mix the coating with the hardener, otherwise the coating will not thicken;
  • After coating, you can move on to applying a primer, which guarantees better adhesion of the paint to the car’s surface;
  • Finally, the paint is sprayed and, if necessary, the varnish is applied.

Car body paint and varnish

Usually three types of paint are used for car body painting: metallic, acrylic or nacre. The price of these types of paint is usually very similar, so you should consider other characteristics to choose the most suitable for you. For example, the advantage of using acrylic paint for your car body is that it will not need to be lacquered, while metallic or acrylic paint will make it look better. Two types of varnish can be used for vehicle body varnishing: hard (HS) or soft (MS). It is important to know that soft lacquer is of inferior quality, therefore, this type of varnish is rarely used.

So you should consider whether you can do your car body painting yourself or if it is best to choose a car repair centre. In any case, you can consult a specialist who will advise you on what paint and other products you should choose.