Why might I need brake repair?

Smooth-running brakes ensure safe travel, so even if you notice even the slightest malfunction, you should seek the help of a specialist. Brake repair is a rather popular service provided at car repair centers because drivers do not always take care of their brakes properly. So, what is the most important thing to need to know about it and what usually causes brake damage?

The lack of brake fluid

Failure to notice the lack of fluid in the tank on time and to refill it to the appropriate level may impair the performance of the brakes. If the level of liquid is too low, it needs a much lower temperature to boil, so braking is less efficient – the braking distance becomes longer. Delayed refill of the brake fluid may cause the metal parts of the brakes to rust. In such cases, the brakes might stop working altogether, which will inevitably lead to brake repair.

Failure to change brake pads on time

Under normal conditions, brake pads rarely need to be replaced: one set of brake pads is sufficient for a distance of 30,000 kilometers. If the brake pads are not replaced on time, you might hear the sound of metal rumble, which means that worn out pads are rubbing the surface of the discs. In this case, it is necessary to replace the brake pads with new ones, otherwise the braking efficiency will be much lower.

Other causes

Frequent heavy braking may cause deformation of the brake discs due to sudden changes in operating temperature. In case of heavy braking, it is natural for the brakes to wear out more quickly, so the replacement of the braking system may be necessary. Brake repair might also be needed if the hand brake is used too often. In such a case, the brakes start to rust, so naturally their performance is reduced.

Various brake failures can be avoided by paying proper attention to their maintenance and by taking the necessary actions on time. Do not wait for the brakes to fail and have them checked at a car repair service regularly. Remember that you are not alone on the road, so take care not only of you, but also of other road users: poor performance of the brakes can be a major cause of accidents, so try to avoid it.