L asanaviciutes st. 17 body work acceptance unit

Professional body repair, loss management and vehicle maintenance. Minor dents and body restoration work. We transport cars from the scene of the accident, provide professional consultations, administer damage, carry out a free inspection of the car's chassis and equipment condition, and offer replacement cars. We guarantee the highest quality, professional and prompt service.

UAB MARTONAS - specialized car body repair using modern and reliable equipment. Qualified specialists with many years of experience prepare the car for painting, restore the body geometry, render plastic parts and polish the vehicle. We work with modern equipment and apply the latest technological solutions, and offer a wide range of automotive parts.


Tel.: +370 5 240 24 07
Mob.: +370 698 44616
L. Asanavičiūtės g. 17, Vilnius

Work Hours:

I-V: 8:00 – 18:00
VI: 10:00 – 15:00

Service personnel

Albert Skilond 
Director of Coach Acceptance Admissions

Robertas Staniulis
Body Department Manager

Mantas Vilčinskas
Body Department Manager


UAB "Martonas"
Įm.k.: 122034821
PVM k.: LT220348219
Tel.: +370 5 273 2373 , Faks.: +370 5 272 1575
Kalvarijų g. 53, LT-09317 Vilnius
A/s: LT434010042401452955, AB Luminor

Kokybės vadovė: +370 612 22824, bendrove@martonas.lt
Buhalterija: +370 5 272 1574, buhalterija@martonas.lt
Administratorė: +370 5 273 2373, martonas@martonas.lt
Projektų vadovė: +370 686 92124, info@martonas.lt